Mus Hotels and Accommodation

There are several hotels of varying standards in Mus. If you are looking for standard hotels, you should go to the three star hotels, which are mainly located in the city center or on the seaside in the resort areas. These hotels are small but have clean, comfortable rooms with TV and mini bar and are well furnished. Most of them offer buffet breakfast and have at least one a la carte restaurant. You can try the Mus Hotel at the city center.

There are also low budget 2 star and 1 star hotels if you are on a tight budget. Some of the 2 star hotels may be as good as the three star hotels in their facilities. They generally offer bed and breakfast but the quality of service may be low.

The one star hotels offer a basic bed to sleep at cheaper rates. Make sure you check the location of the hotel and the type of people staying there before you check into one of these.
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