Nargile Culture

The tradition of smoking a Nargile was at its peak between the 17th and the 19th century in Turkey. The Nargile was smoked at leisure. People with time in their hands sat together smoking a Nargile, engaged in pleasant conversation. The very act of preparing a Nargile and smoking it gave immense pleasure to the elite of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, having an ornamental Nargile in one corner of the room was fashionable and the status of a hostess was often determined by the Nargile she offered her guests. Ladies vied to be photographed with a Nargile. Any deviation from tradition in preparing and lighting a Nargile was frowned upon. Of course, you could never ever light a cigarette or anything else on a Nargile fire!

After World War II, the Nargile was gradually edged out by the popularity of the cigarette. However in the late 1990's, an interest in the Nargile seems to have revived, and today it is quite a current fad with the younger hip crowd that can be seen frequenting the several Nargile cafes.