Modern Nargile

Today a Nargile can be easily bought in Turkey but you need to know the procedure of assembling it and enjoy. The few simple steps you can follow are:
  • You must assemble the Nargile first by screwing on the pipe to the trunk.
  • Fill the glass bowl with water and screw on the trunk to the glass base. You may add a few pieces of ice to the water.
  • Attach the hose with the mouthpiece to the trunk so that it is airtight.
  • Powder some of the tobacco with your fingers and put it in the ceramic bowl. For added flavor, you may use aromatic tobacco like apple or Cappuccino flavors.
  • Cover the top of the bowl with thick Aluminum foil and pierce it slightly at the center. Now place the bowl on top of the trunk and make sure it is sealed airtight.
  • Light your charcoal in the oven until it is red hot. Turn off the oven and wait until the charcoal turns white. Place it on the bowl with tongs and after four to five minutes,
  • Your Nargile is ready for smoking.

You must never puff on a Nargile vigorously or in a hurry. Inhale the smoke gently enjoying the bubbling noise of the water as you do so and immerse yourself in a rare pleasure.