Popular Nargile Spots in Turkey

There are several Nargile cafes almost everywhere in Turkey, frequented both by men and women. Most of these are open for 24 hours or till late in the night.

In Izmir you have Salon Koparan. This place will serve you plain tobacco. Hakki'nin Yeri is another very old cafe in Izmir, named after its owner. Located at the Esrefpasa Bayramyeri, this place also serves only plain tobacco. Egemen Kiraathanesi is the only cafe in Izmir that serves aromatic tobacco.

Tophane has Erzurum Nargile - one of the oldest Nargile cafes in Istanbul. It also provides yatchs to tourist groups along with the hubble-bubble service. Nargilem Kafe in Tophane is famous for its attractive engravings on the ceilings and the wonderful aromatic tobacco that it offers. You must try the Gozleme here.

Ayni Ali'nin Yeri next to the Ayni Ali Mosque is a place where you can enjoy mystic music while you smoke your Nargile. Here you also get a special tea made of mountain herbs that is worth trying.

Other Famous Nargile cafes are Nezih Kafe and Recep Ozgen Aile Cay Bahcesi in Ankara and Erenler Nargile located at the historical Corlulu Alipasa Medresesi in Cemberlitas. In all these places, tea and coffee is served along with the Nargile.
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