Main Attractions in Nigde

Ancient Cities

Nigde and its surrounding regions is the site of several ancient cities. Nigde is the site of Nakida an ancient Hittite city. Bor, 14 kilometers south of Nigde was another Hittite settlement. 5 kilometers south of Bor lies Kemerhisar, the site of the ancient Roman city of Tyana. Here you will see remains of Roman aqueducts and Hittite structures.

The remains of the world famous Byzantine Gumusler monastery are 10 kilometers east of Nigde. This place is worthy of a visit. These beautiful and well preserved ruins are an example of Byzantine art in Anatolia. It has been carved inside a huge rock. The church has four main pillars, an under ground city, the great burial chamber and living areas all carved out of rocks. The frescoes covering the walls show strong and vigorous expressions.

Arrangements made for the defense of the place show that it was an important religious center at onetime.

An attraction of the Nigde museum is the mummy of a blonde Byzantine nun of A.D. 900s found in the Ihlara valley.

Mosques and Mausoleums

There are many well-preserved mosques in Nigde province. The Alaedin mosque in Nigde town is the most beautiful with its fine stone work over the ornate entrance. This elegant mosque is believed to have been built in A.D.1203 and was restored by Alaedin.

The 14th century Sungur Bey Mosque is another well-known historical monument. It is mainly a Mongol construction though started by the Seljuks.

Among the mausoleums in Nigde is the 15th century Ak Medrese made in quasi-Mongol style which is today a museum displaying ancient finds of the place. The other mausoleums are the Seljukian Hudavend Hatun mausoleum and the Ottoman Dortayak mausoleum.

Castles and Towers

The Nigde castle in the town dates from the 8th B.C. Hittite period. It was periodically restored during the Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman eras. This castle is an interesting sight and has a watchtower on its western ramparts.

Thermal Springs

The main spa in the province is in Ciftehan borough, 80 kilometers from Nigde. Waters of this thermal spring are used for both drinking and bathing. The waters cure rheumatism and neural, skin, gynecological and stomach diseases. The place has modern facilities and good, fairly large capacity hotels.

National and Natural Parks

The protected Aladaglar Park in Nigde province is on the Nigde-Kauseri main highway. This huge 55,000 hectares park has inside it the Demirkazik peak. At 3756 meters, it is the highest point in the middle Taurus range. It has a wide variety of flora and fauna. You can fish trout when the streams are full.

The common plant species in the park are the black and the cluster pines with some cedars between them. There are fir trees in the more humid northern regions. The fauna consists of goats, bears, lynx and sable. The climate here is extreme - hot summers and cold winters. The mountain peaks remain snow-capped throughout the year.

It has camping sites, which are being further developed. Trekking and climbing routes are also under development.

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