Hotels and Food in Nigde

The hotels in Nigde are not very classy because most people stop-over for just half a day to see the local sights before moving on.

The 2-star hotels have an indifferent service and most offer only breakfast. Hotels offering lunch and dinner are few. Some 2-star hotels approach 3-star standards and those might suit you.

For the budget tourist there are 1-star hotels. Before checking in, find out about the hotels. Many of them take in immigrants and workers from various foreign countries.

Nigde has its own flavors and cooking styles. Some of the typical Nigde preparations are Nigde tavasi (fried food), beet soup, couscous pilaf, papara and ogma and mangi soup. The original deserts of Nigde province are husmeni, halveter, kofter and grape molasses.
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