Oludeniz Attractions

One of the major attractions in Oludeniz is the Oludeniz Air Games Festival held annually in October. Paragliders in their colorful attire descend on the Oludeniz beach after lifting up from the nearby mountains.

Apart from the festival, Oludeniz is a regular haunt among Paragliders in fact it is considered one of the best places in the world for Paragliding. Other than the solo Paragliding facility, Tandem paragliding in which two instead of one people fly using the same harness is also a popular sport. So make sure you try it out once when you are here.

Oludeniz is a well-known port to anchor traveling yachts, though the lagoon is usually a restricted place. Thus sailing is a well-liked activity here. The sailors at heart are definitely encouraged to sail in the turquoise blue waters in conventional Turkish gullets.

Diving is another sport that enthusiasts both professional and amateur can enjoy here. The shallow reefs, caverns, walls, tunnels and underwater marine life unfold a unique world unto itself, still waiting to be discovered.

Other aqua leisure includes swimming and snorkeling. You can picnic here, take showers or treat yourself to the numerous snack bars near the beach.

If you are interested in exploring abandoned villages, then you should definitely visit Kaya Koyu, not too far from Oludeniz. Formerly inhabited by Greeks, this ruinous village has some old churches and houses.