Main Attractions in Olympos

Main attractions Olympos offers for visitors include:

Chimaera in Olympos - a natural wonder
Best viewed at nighttime, the Chimaera (eternal or perpetually flapping flames) has been burning since antiquity. The basis of this fire (or flames) seems to be the spontaneous ejection of combustible gas jets from Earth's surface. The flames make no crackling sound and from a distance, it appears as if the mountain rocks are on fire.

The stretched out, white beach bordering the city of Olympos is ideal for a day spent in lazing around and engaging in some water sports.

The ancient city of Olympos
The ancient city too has many relics of the bygone era that bespeak of its past glory. The theatre is one such construction, with the others being an Acropolis, a Bath, a temple (with the temple door dedicated to the Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius). The superb drainage system of the ancient city crisscrossing the Necropolis is no less an attraction.