Olympos Hotels and Accommodation

Although Olympos has many modern accommodation facilities like air conditioned bungalows, guest houses and restaurants, the many houses and cabins on trees and posts go perfectly with the old world charm of the ancient city and its ruins.

Bayram's Tree Houses, Kadir's Tree Houses, Turkmen Tree Houses are some of the very best Tree Houses lodging services in Olympos. The positions of the tree houses further add to their appeal - while some overlook the riverbanks, some are placed amidst the ancient ruins and yet others are perched high up on trees in reserve forests. The Tree House accommodation services were originally launched by Kadir's but most of the tree houses offer world-class services to the tourists.

The facilities are great irrespective of the accommodation option and the charges are usually inclusive of breakfast, dinner, tea, coffee or some other drink. Facilities include private baths to comfortable lounging areas, bars to satellite TVs, free beach shuttle and other advanced services. The hostel or pension staffs are well informed and well conversed.
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