Main Attractions in Osmaniye

Osmaniye, despite its small size, offers some interesting attractions for visitors.


  • Toprakkale Castle located in Toprakkale District
  • The remains of the ancient Kinik City which are mainly situated in the north of the castle on Adana Highway
  • The tidbits of Haruniye Castle, Saman Castle and Kurtlar Castle in the Duzici District
  • The ruins of Karafenk Castle and Savranda Castle at Kalecik Village are situated in Hasanbeyli District.

Museums And Ancient Cities

The Kastabala City in Bodrumkale is wonderfully positioned in the boarders of Kesmeburim Village and Bahce Village - 15 kms away from Osmaniye Province. The notable attractions of Kastabala include the remarkable avenue with pillars along with its amphitheatre with a capacity to accommodate 5000 viewers. In addition to this attraction of Osmaniye you will also get to see the other major ruins, like the two churches, the castle, the Roman bath, the stadium, the necropolis and the remains of the conduit built over the Ceyhan River.

The Aslantas Open Air Museum in Karatepe located at the southeast of Kadiril District is another popular tourist attraction. The ruins of Karatepe include two burnt buildings, situated on the highlands, which were supposed to be the palace and the grain storage well. Along with these ruins, you will also witness the two lion statues in dilapidated condition located at the southwest entrance gate. On the dusky and light yellow erect basalt stone blocks you will jointly get to see the Finike (peg writings) and Hittite hieroglyph inscriptions. These inscriptions are in forms of wall paintings portraying and presenting the usual spiritual and devout activities of those times.

At the inside gate you will find the God of Storms and at the southern gate the two astounding simultaneous sphinxes with human heads and lion bodies are sure to fascinate you.

Next you will come to see Osmaniye Karatepe - Aslantas, a Late Hittite Fortress. Azatiwatis originally founded this fortress in the 8th century BC. It has two monumental T-shaped gatehouses fantastically bordered by impressive high towers. At the inner entrance of the southwest gate you will find the statue of the Storm - God on its double bull-socle.

Major Religious Monuments Of Osmaniye

  • The Alacami (Kadirli) Mosque
  • Ala Mosque

Caves To Visit In Osmaniye

The origin or the antiquity of the Cancan Grave Caves can be traced back to the ancient Roman Empire. You will be awestruck at the structural elegance of these naturally occurring caves.


The Kadiril-Maksutoglu Highland is a spectacular travel attraction for tourists. Other highlands include Akarca Highland, Koclu Highland, Pasaolugu Highland, Yogunoluk Highland and Degirmendere and Tahta Highlands. The local highland houses are constructed of wood and the newer shatterproof tangible buildings are generally covered with apple, pear, cherry, sour cherry and juniper trees. These mountainous plateaus are the frequent habitats of amazing variety of flowers, insects and birds.

Other notable Highlands of Osmaniye include:

  • Kadiril-Bagdas and Almacik Highland
  • Kadiril-Beyolugu-Savurn Gozu-Dokurcun and Cigsar Highlands
  • Osmaniye-Zorkun and Olukbasi Highlands
  • Hasanbeyli-Alman Pinari Highland

Preserved Areas

The Aslantas National Park is located on the River Ceyhan around 40km northeast of Osmaniye and west of Gaziantep in the southeastern Mediterranean Region. In order to visit the Aslantas National Park you have to access the Adana-Kadirli and Adana Osmaniye Highlands.

The exclusive combination of rare varieties of fauna and flora has undoubtedly enriched this particular forest area. The plant life of the Aslantas National Park comprises cluster pine, tamarisk and oak trees. On the other hand, several species of wildlife populating the park include deer, pigs, jackals, rabbits, foxes and partridges with carp in the River Ceyhan.

The main characteristics of the Aslantas National Park:

  • Tents and caravans for accommodation in the park
  • It has a surface area of 21,5
  • It has a altitude of 1000 to 2622 m
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