Main Attractions in Perge

Regarding tourist spots Perge has very few competitors, especially for its theater and the stadium. But the other structures are worth mentioning and are a treat to your eyes and senses.

The Theater in Perge is an immense structure built to seat 14000 people at once. Originally built in a Hellenistic design the Theater got a Roman facelift in the 2nd century A.D. with the addition of the stage structure. A 12-meter-high nymphaeum with its five fountain niches survives of the structure.

The Stadium, a 2nd century structure is one of the best-conserved arenas in the ruins of the Anatolian region. Seating on average at least 12000 spectators, the stadium there had 30 rooms under the rows of seats used for admittance as well as shops.

An amazing feature about The Baths Complex in Perge apart from its frigidarium, tepidarium and caldarium are that its floors, walls and basins were made of marble. Since marble was not available in Perge it had to be shipped from Marmara across the Marmara Sea. Quite a commendable job!

The Hellenistic gateway and walls are pre Roman structures and were built in the 2nd century A.D. by Plancia Magna. The daughter of the Governor of Bithynia she was the patron of Perge as well as the chief priestess of Artemis (the revered God of Perge). There are two round towers in the gateway and followed by a horseshoe-shaped courtyard. This courtyard used to be bedecked with statues of gods, of founders, legendary heroes and socially eminent people of Perge and was a way of honoring them.

An interesting feature in this Roman ruin is the Colonnaded Street that most probably served as a socializing place for the inhabitants of Perge. The street was 20-meter-wide and extended from the Hellenistic gate to the Nymphaeum, eventually meeting the main street. Shops bordered the street on both sides with broad roofed arcades, further there were statues of eminent citizens too. There was a water canal lying in the very middle of the street that fulfilled the purpose of cooling the atmosphere.

Perge has an Agora as well and it is a small regular rectangle shaped space surrounded by shops. Built during the renovation of the city in the 4th century A.D. some of the ancient shops can still be seen.
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