Turkish Plumbing and Water

It is recommended to drink bottled water in most cities in Turkey
It is recommended to drink bottled water in most cities in Turkey

Can I drink the tap water in Turkey?
Turkish tap water is sanitary enough to wash in but it’s advisable not to drink it; you’ll find most of the locals don’t drink it either. Stick to bottled water or use water-purification tablets or a filter; you’ll find bottled water plentiful and cheap. Expect to pay between one to three liras (depending on brand) for a 5L bottle. Don’t drink water from rivers or lakes as it may contain bacteria.

Can I flush the toilet paper away?
Turkish plumbing is at best adequate, sometimes much less so. Unless you stay in expensive hotels, many places will ask you to kindly refrain from flushing your toilet paper or tampons down the pan: if in doubt, look for a bin next to the toilet. If it is there, that usually means they would like you to use it. If you plan to travel outside the tourist areas, a little tip – take some toilet paper with you. In the more remote areas, you’ll find that Turkish toilets are nothing more than a porcelain hole in the ground that you have to squat over. A small plastic jug standing beneath a tap is given for you to wash yourself with, in place of toilet paper. If you’d prefer one of life’s little luxuries, take your own!