How To Purchase Property in Turkey

Buying a house in Turkey is quite simple and as easy as it is to buy one in your own country. You can appoint an agency, or go about it yourself. If you take the help of agencies, you can select some properties online and authorize the agency to conduct the surveys. You can visit Turkey to view the selected properties and finalize the deal.

If you are trying to buy property on your own, the first step would be to look for a reliable solicitor who can speak English. Finding a suitable local lawyer is important as he can carry out the necessary checks and searches. Without this, you may have problems later with the deeds or resale of the property. Next, you have to select a property of your choice. You can view properties online to identify a suitable one or take the help of the lawyer to search for a suitable property that qualifies for purchase by foreign buyers. The owner should be able to furnish proof to this effect if he is targeting foreign buyers. It is a good idea however to get it properly checked by your lawyer.

You or your lawyer then has to negotiate a price for the property and come to a verbal agreement. You can give a power of attorney to your lawyer to proceed on your behalf. Once the price has been agreed upon, your lawyer has to draw up a preliminary agreement. A deposit of 4% to 10% has to be paid at the time of signing this contract. This amount is only refundable if the vendor withdraws or if there is a problem at the next stage of the procedure. It is non refundable if you do not withdraw.

Your lawyer must then do a thorough search of the property to ensure that all documents regarding title and land registration are in order. The title has to be free of debts and the vendor should have legal rights to sell the property. Once all the papers are found to be in order, the buyer and the vendor, together with the lawyer, is required to meet at a land registry office in Turkey to sign the final contract. You have to now apply to transfer the title deeds in your name. It might take a few months to transfer the deeds to your name. The deeds must then be collected from the Notary Office by you or your lawyer and sign for them. At this stage, you will have to pay the various taxes and charges, which come to about 10% of the charges. Once that is done, you are finally the proud owner of this property!