River Rafting Locations in Turkey

Amongst the truly knowledgeable river rafting community, Turkey is mentioned in the same breath as France, New Zealand and the Colorado, as one of the premier rafting destinations in the world. The country abounds in mountains which give rise to rivers with swift currents and perilous rapids to titillate the experienced rafters. There are also placid rivers for those new to the sport.

In fact, river Coruh in the Kackar Mountains in northeastern Turkey is readily acknowledged as one of the world's top ten rivers ideally suited for rafting. The river has its origin in the province of Bayburt and flows for 250 km to terminate in the Black Sea. It hosted the 4th World Watersports Championships in 1993.

The claim to fame of the Coruh River is that it offers rafting possibilities for both beginners and seasoned rafters. Thus the 23 km stretch from Cevreli to Yusufeli interspersed with class 3, 4 and 5 rapids will delight both classes of rafters while the 20 km course from Sarigul to Yusufeli, pegged at class 4 and 5 is for the more stout-hearted who don't mind a bit of heart stopping action to unwind.

There's a mixed bag on offer during July and August at the 22 km course beginning with class 2 to 5 routes at the Yusufeli-Demirkent bridge and ending with a flourish in the formidable class 6 rapids at Artvin Canyon.

The Coruh River is best for rafting from May to September, with May and June being the prime months.

The Dalaman River in southwest Turkey, near Marmaris, Fethiye and Dalyan is an ideal for the beginners or those who want to just take lazy water ride. It offers a class 3-4 route from April to October and for the thrill seekers there is also a class 5 stretch from April to July.

The trips take one day and there is also the provision for overnight camping trips for those who would like to spend a night under the stars.

The Köprüçay River and the adjoining Köprülü Kanyon, near Side and Manavgat is a nature lover's dream come true. Nuzzled amidst the 2500-meter high Bozburun Mountains, the calm river meanders through sheer rock cliffs. The mountainous terrain is awe-inspiring but the course is surprisingly tranquil. Ideal for those who do not like the mad rush through the bounties of natures.

The Melen Cayi near Istanbul is the current rage among the tourists. A course with 2-3 degree difficulty level suits all and sundry and the river itself is navigable from December to May. The 120-150 minutes ride is something, which almost all tourists religiously indulge in.

The been there and seen all brigade will appreciate the slightly more difficult courses that the Mediterranean has to offer. Thus there is the Manvgat Brook, the Goksu stream, Dim stream, Alara Stream and the Zamanti Rivers are some of the famous rafting courses in Turkey.
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