What is River Rafting?

The widespread fascination with adventure sports has also spawned an interest in river rafting. River rafting or white water rafting, as is known in many parts of the world, requires that you navigate a river, usually comprising of rapids and steep bends, atop a rubber boat.

The difficulty of a course is measured in a scale of 6, where 1 is calm waters while 6 represents an impossibly hard to navigate course.

The primary reason why river rafting has caught on like anything is because it not only offers adrenaline-pumping action for the adventurous lot but also ample scope for nature lovers and solitude seekers to soak in the beauties of nature while floating along lazily. For both temperaments Turkey has on offer both rivers with treacherous courses and gently floating rivers with hardly a bubble in them.

River rafting, apart from the exhilaration it provides, is also ideal for exploring virgin landscapes lying along offbeat river ways, which are otherwise inaccessible by road.

River rafting, requiring almost no effort from the rider just the ability to swim and to cling on to the boat, is ideal for even those who have never visited a playground before.

River rafting is also extremely environment friendly, considering that you are not depleting natural resources in any form when you engage in this activity.
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