Special Interest Activities

Turkey promises the scope of lots of activities during your stay in the region.

Being surrounded by so many water bodies, Turkey is the dreamland for the water sports loving visitors. Yachting, swimming, surfing, scuba diving and river rafting are extremely enjoyable.

Visitors can also indulge in other activities like trekking, cycling, playing golf, skiing, hunting, archeology, plane gliding, parachuting and night clubbing (vivacious night life with dance and music) or can simply chose to be mesmerized by the magnificent beach life. You can also take a leisurely walk amidst the ruins of the yester years or can avail the guided tours of the city to see the landmarks.

Some of the famous landmarks of Turkey include Ayasofys museum, Topkapi palace, Blue mosque, Dolmabahce palce, ancient city of Troy, pergamon Pamukkale, Goreme-cappadocia, Mt. Nemrut, Safranbolu, etc. If you are a shopping freak then you can spend a lot of your time in bargaining for products like artifacts, handmade towels, laces, intricate jewellery, carpets, etc. Turkish cuisine, which is said to be the reminiscent of Greek food, is another big attraction of this place. Connoisseurs from all over the world come here to taste the world-class mouth watering delicacies of the Turkish spread. Kebabs are the Turkish specialty, specially the shish kebab (skewer-grilled lamb).
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