Religious Wealth

Turkey has nurtured various religions like Islam, Jewish and Christianity in its bosom. So if you are a religious minded visitor, you can find various Religious sites of your interest in this country. Aphrodisias, Konya, Istanbul (Sinagogue of Et-Ahaim) and Capodocia are to name a few.

Christians all over the world have great regard for this region, because from the early days of Christianity, Anatolia has served as an important center where the religion has materialized and expanded. Istanbul (the 4th largest patriarchal center of the Orthodox), Icel-tarsus (birth place of Saint Paul), Antakya ("Bible of Malta" was written here), Ephesus (home of Virgin Mary), Capodocia (site of the first Christian church), and Demre (home town of Santa Claus) are some of the most revered seats of Christianity.