Black Sea Region

Map of Black Sea Region
Map of Black Sea Region

The Black Sea region (also known as the northern coastal region) is lined by a rather steep, craggy coast that does not provide much of an access. Only a few narrow valleys joining the tapered coast to the interior.

The coastal strip and the interiors of the Black Sea region, however, are rendered highly fertile by the rivers gushing from or originating in the coastal ranges. This makes the Black Sea region a profit earning commercial farming region.

Thus, intense cultivation is being done in the rich deltas (between Zonguldak and Rize). The rivers making their ways through the Pontus Mountains (Dogu Karadeniz Daglari) and branching out into tributaries form highly productive basins and land stretches. Even the not-so-steep mountain slopes are also included in the cultivation program.

Some of Turkey`s heavy industries are based in the western part of the Black Sea region.
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