Main Attractions in Rize

Surrounded with a rich natural texture, Rize offers many attractions for visitors.


  • The 14th century Rize Castle by Genoese
  • The Zir Castle
  • The Kale-i Bala and Ciha Castle located in the boarders of the province


  • Gulbahar Mosque
  • Islam Pasa Mosque
  • Cafer Pasa Mosque

Thermal Resorts

The Andon mineral water spring is located 20 km from Rize and is a center of attraction and interest for the local inhabitants of the town. The waters of these mineral springs are monochrome, scentless and absolutely clear and pure. In addition to this the mineral spring waters of Ikizdere - Simsirli mineral water and Cayirli Mineral water are believed to have the clinical powers.


The Agaran Waterfall is the only waterfall in Rize, which is fantastically located on the Sairler creek flowing through Cayeli District. There is no doubt about the fact that the Agaran Waterfall is really a stupendous natural wonder.


The main highland plateaus of Rize are located at the edge of the Kackar Chain Mountains, at the Camlihemsin Hemsin and Ikizdere Districts. These highlands are special tourism centers where you are sure to enjoy the pleasure of dwelling beyond the clouds.

Preserved Areas

The Kackar Mountain National Park is one of the major and most significant preserved areas in Rize.

Ornithology Areas

The Eastern Black Sea Mountains have been considered as one of the major ornithology areas of Rize.

Museums in Rize

In the Ataturk Museum in Rize you get to see some of the individual and private belongings of Ataturk. In association with this, certain ethnographic works excavated from several places of the town are prestigiously exhibited in the Mehmet Mataraci Mansion.

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