Rize Hotels and Restaurants

Most of the eating delicacies in Rize are generally all about cabbage and hamsi (anchovy). Other primary meal varieties include Misir Ekmegi (corn bread), Muhlama (melted cheese), Lahana Sarmasi (Cabbage Wrapping), Lahana Vurmasi (Cabbage Beating), Hamsili Ekmek (Bread with Anchovy), Hamsili Pilav (Pilaf with Anchovy) and Laz Pastry.

Some of the significant hotels of Rize include Dedeman Hotel by the Black Sea with 82 rooms and 2 suites, Ansur Hotel, Hotel Keles, Memisoglu Hotel, Grand Cavupoolu Hotel and Club Cervan Beach Hotel

When you come to Rize, you can take home a number of souveniers. Some selections include wooden and hand crafted products like boxwood spoon varieties, stool, kemence (local small three-stringed violin) and the model of a small wooden sailing boat; socks of Hemsin district; wickerwork products such as tea basket, grape basket, fruit basket and picnic basket; famous honey of the Anzer Plains.
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