More Information About Rize

If you want to reach Trabzon (70 km west) and Erzurum (300 km south) you have to travel by road from Rize. Moreover, you can reach Istanbul from Rize by ship. The city is wonderfully situated at the heart of the tea plantations covering the whole mountainous region. If you stand at the Ziraat Park of the city you will surely be fascinated to have a picturesque view of the stupendous natural beauty and exuberance of the entire region.

The summer tea festival of Rize surely gives an opportunity to taste the best blend of tea and the rare and famous Anzer honey usually obtained from the mountainous regions of the land.

One of the things you should never forget in Rize is to purchase light summer garments known by the name of city "Rize-Bezi". You will also get to have a glimpse of the 16th Century Islam Pasha Mosque and the wild remains of the Genoese Castle.

Rize is one of the favorite camping grounds for tourists by the side of the lovely Alpine Lake amidst enchanting mountains and meadows. The trekkers heading towards the Kackar Mountain start their journey from the little town of Camlihemsin

However, if you desire to spend most of your time in the lap of the nature then your journey should obviously include Firtina Vadisi, the Storm Valley with its fine-looking castle and Zirkale and the bridges of Byzantine Empire.

Ecological Features

Rize remains green in every season, as it is the major and most significant producer of tea in the whole of Turkey. Other than tea, Rize is also notable for the growth of a wide variety of citrus fruits. Recently, the tropical kiwi and avocado plantations have also been given very fruitful and positive results.

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