Main Attractions in Safranbolu

Safranbolu is nestled in hills and mountains, the lowest and highest points being 300 meters and 1750 meters. Of the town area 1013 sq. kms., a big part is devoured by forests. The city abounds with numerous creeks that produce great canyons but do not hold much water.

Nature has lavished all its bounties of forests, pasturages, canyons, cavers and special products of the area in Safranbolu. Forests as canopies over the land are a real treat for the eyes of tourists. Interestingly, its beauty changes in different seasons with wide variety of trees. You will find all shades of yellow, red and green in the forests.

Peculiarity of geological formation in the region ended up in deep gorge canyons and log caverns and heightens the beauty of the area. Incekaya, Tokatli, D├╝zce (Kiore) and Sakaralan (Tekekurum) canyons are the few main canyons.