Sakarya Hotels and Restaurants

Sakarya offers a wide range of hotels situated at the best locations - be it near the Lake Sapanca, or on the beach or in and around the city centers. Accommodation comes at a reasonable price and with very good ambience. Luxury Hotels are rare but if you are looking forward to comfortable, clean and friendly lodging then you won't be disappointed. Hotel Aykar Oteli and Hotel Balturk Oteli provide three star accommodations. Hotels offer all modern facilities combined with calm and ambience. Even the budget traveler has decent places to stay.

On the beaches, the hotels and resorts offer luxurious accommodations. The rooms are spacious, well-furnished, air-conditioned and even catch up with four-star qualities.

Food in Sakarya is a wonderful experience. Apart from the in-house restaurants in the hotels, there are many good eateries and restaurants in Sakarya. Don't miss the delicacies like:
  • Islama Köfte (like meatballs)
  • Kol Pastry with vegetable marrow
  • Çerkes Tavugu (ground chicken with bread, walnuts and red pepper - sauce)
  • Çerkes Pastasi (cooked with cheese)
  • Bean paste
  • Dartili Keskek
  • Darti and
  • Üre cookie.

People here, have a sweet tooth and offer a wide range of cookies and pastries. Don't forget to taste their specialties such as Sutlu Kabak Cookie and Kabak Cookie (pumpkin with syrup and walnuts).

Sakarya is famous for its woodcraft. Wood workmanship and scouring can be seen in the Tarakli region. As a token gift for friends and dear ones do pick up spoons and other items, which are made from Simsir tree and sold all over Turkey.

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