Markets in Turkey

The most famous place for shopping in Turkey is the Grand Covered Bazaar of Istanbul. It was built by Sultan Mehmet and has undergone many changes until 1701. It is worth visiting the Grand Bazaar just for the experience it provides. It covers 65 streets with around 3300 shops. A mosque, 21 inns and 7 fountains also fall within its area. The Grand Bazaar has been damaged five times by fire. Each time it was repaired and restored.

You must visit the exclusive shops along Kapalicarsi Caddesi leading up to the Nuruosmaniye entrance. The shops located in Arasta Bazaar and Avrupa Pasajiin Beyoglu's Balikpazari are more modest. If you are an expert in shopping, you may pick up good bargains at the stores in the back streets, as the shopkeepers here are more likely to relent on the prices.

Your shopping tour must definitely include the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. Though originally a market for exotic Eastern spices, today you will find everything here from T- shirts to Turkish Delights.

Across the Blue Mosque, The Istanbul Handicrafts Center sells ceramics, handicrafts and gift items against the backdrop of an ancient Medrese. Fine hand painted silks, Anatolian dolls, and local handicraft are displayed in a courtyard surrounded by old classrooms.

If you move to Istiklal Caddesi you will find cafes, clothing shops, record shops and book stores - a sight common in any major city of the world. From there, a taxi ride to the north east of Taksim takes you to Nisantasi - a high fashion street with boutiques stocking brands like Mudo, Emporio Armani,Vakko and Beyman.

Apart from this, there is a myriad of busy outdoor flea markets in Turkey selling everything you can think.
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