Main Attractions in Side

Main attractions Side offers for visitors are:

The Aspendos is a theatre, which was built in 167 A.D. by architect Zeno, son of Theodorius. It contains 40 rows of marble banks built against a hilltop and used to accommodate 15,000 people in its heydays. This Hellenistic theatre was built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius and was dedicated to the Gods. It was built by two brothers, as a gift to the city, and till date it is extremely well preserved and very much in use.

Aspendos also has a 225m long historical bridge that was built by an Anatolian emperor in the 13th century. This bridge has been recently restored and houses souvenir shops. Apart from these, Aspendos is endowed with the remnants of a Basilica, Agora and one of the largest aqueducts (100 A.D.) in Anatolia.

Temples of Apollo and Athena
Built in the second half of the second century A.D., these identical looking temples were dedicated to Athena (Side's patron Goddess) and Apollo.

This waterfall is a cozy stop, with restaurants and shops and attracts many tourists.

Apart from the historical treasures, Side is also bestowed with nature's bounty. Deep blue Mediterranean Sea, gust of fresh air and two extraordinary beaches of golden colored sand on either side.

Some other attractions include the Byzantine hospital (6th century B.C.), Nymphaeum (fountain in the city wall), the Roman bath converted into museum, etc.