Things To Do in Simena

Simena is a wonderful place just to enjoy the natural beauty and spend a relaxed holiday swimming or having a barbecue on the beach.

On another day you can take a boat trip down to the island of Simena. Sea kayaking is the only way to explore the ruins as swimming is prohibited in some areas. Paddling leisurely along the island, brushing past ancient houses half sunk under the water, you can experience the romance and history of this sunken city.

A walk up the slopes to the village is a good way to enjoy the peace and quiet of the region. The visit to the castle on top of the hill with a panoramic view of the entire region, the sarcophagi dotting the slopes of the blue waters, the submerged ruins in the distance - all fill you with an air of mystery and let you have a taste of the life of those ancient dwellers. You may perhaps gather a small group of villagers in the theatre and recite some poetry to them to get a feel of the place.

While on a boat trip to Simena, you can also visit the other ancient sites nearby. There is the sea cave near Gokkaya or the ruins of Andreake near Cayagzi. From Cayagzi you can take a car to the nearby Myra, the city of St. Nicholas. The other historical sites like Isinda at Belenli, Apollonia at Kilincli, Istlada at Kapakli, Kyaenai at Yavu, Trysa and Sura at Golbasi are all within short distance and can be covered during the day.