Turkey Skiing Basics

Skiing in Turkey is a great way to spend your winter vacations. Visitors may be used to better terrains and facilities in Europe, the USA or Canada, nevertheless skiing in Turkey can be quite enjoyable too. There are several ski resorts in Turkey, which offer skiing facilities spanning from November to May.

Most of these resorts are in the forest areas on mountains of moderate height. Nevertheless, they are great places to visit, no matter whether you are a novice, an amateur or an expert. There are slopes of different ranges - with baby slopes for beginners to the more difficult slopes at altitudes of 2200 to 3100 meters for professionals. Expert ski instructors are available at all resorts to teach the beginners on the lower slopes. Shops abound in Turkey where skiing gear can be bought. Most hotels also have facility for hiring skiing boots, skis and even clothes. In addition, the hotels also have ski lifts and tele - skiing for its guests.

Above all, skiing in Turkey need not be an isolated sport. You can combine it with mountaineering, hunting, heli skiing or just purely exploring the mountain villages.