Famous Ski Centers in Turkey

The most popular resort for skiing in Turkey is the Uldag resort in Bursa. This charming town can be reached by road, ferry or bus from Istanbul. It takes only about 1.5 hours to get there. There is an advanced ski center, which will make your experience of skiing in Turkey a memorable one. You have to reach the ski center by cable car. The ski area is at an altitude of 1750-2547m and the skiing season is from December to April.

Uldag is a ski resort of very high standards and people come there from all over Turkey. It has the best facilities available. There are chair lifts, three ski lifts, and slalom and giant slalom courses as well as beginner's slopes to cater to the needs of everyone. Ski equipments and instructors are available on hire and there is a small hospital attached to the resort.

You may find the Uldaga resort a little on the expensive side, but the area has a wide variety of hotels to suit every budget. There are ski lifts and tele-skis in all hotels for their individual customers.

Apart from skiing, the Uldaga resort also offers a variety of entertainments in the form of discos and nightclubs. Therefore, if you wish to spend a great holiday skiing in Turkey, this elegant winter resort may be just the place for you. You must make sure to book in advance and check the prices, as rooms are not easily available on weekends. During school vacation periods and festival times, the rates generally go up.

Another well-known center for skiing in Turkey is the Eezurum in Palandokon. It is situated on the outskirts of Palandokon, but the road leading to it is good. At a height of 3150 meters, it is the coldest and the highest ski center in Turkey. There are plenty of hotels at Palandoke for you to stay. You can also get accommodation at the comfortable 140-bed ski lodge at the center. The Erzurum has the best snow conditions in Turkey and so the courses are the most difficult. Due to these standards, most of the international competitions are held here. The government is continuously developing this center and according to plans, it should soon reach a capacity of 87,000 people per hour.

The Ilgaz Mountain ski center at Kastamonu situated at the junction of Istanbul - Ankara roads is another center you may like to try. Besides the ski slopes at1820-2000m, the place also has a beautiful National Park with picnic facilities and a good hunting area.

In Ankara again is the Elmadag center - far away from the city crowds. There is a pleasant hotel in the area as well as chalets for you to stay.

There are other ski centers in Kars, Kayseri, Erzincan, which are good and offer similar facilities for skiing in Turkey. The hotels and chalets in all these places are comfortable and well equipped. Therefore, you should not hesitate to choose any of them for your skiing holiday in Turkey.
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