Thermal Spa Hotels and Accommodations

Most of these spas are part of the hotels or resorts, which have been built to accommodate visitors coming for treatment and relaxation. The hotels provide comfortable staying with facilities for treatment, massage, under water massage, therapy pools, physical exercise programs and electrotherapy. They also have restaurants, cafes, and other facilities for the holidaymakers. Many of the resorts are so located that you can combine a visit to other places of tourist attraction while you visit one of the thermal spas in Turkey.

The Koycegiz spas can be reached from Dalyan by boat. You have to stay overnight at Dalyan, which has plenty of pensions and hotels and make a day trip to Koycegiz thermal spa.

The Sivas Kangal hot springs with a Fish center has many tents, bungalows and other types of accommodation during the summer season. You can do the bookings for the hotels directly or through the Department of Tourism in Turkey.
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