Thermal Spas in Modern Turkey

Natural thermal spas are found almost in every location in Turkey - on the Agean shores, along the coastline of the Marmara and on the mountains. The hot springs are rich in calcium and magnesium salts, with water temperatures ranging from 36 degree centigrade to 80 degree centigrade and are said to cure a wide range of ailments like rheumatism, dermatological, gynecological and neurological diseases. Physical exhaustion and digestive disorders are also said to be cured. There are 17 spa resorts listed by the ministry of tourism from which you can choose your favorite location. Near each such resort are other places of tourist interest and plenty of things for you to do.

The Pammukale spa is famous since ancient times. The place is worth visiting not only for the spa but also for the spectacular natural beauty. It has baths and open pools set in the White Mountain side. The waters here are used for both drinking and bathing

Bursa is also famous for one of the ancient spas and the thermal baths built by the Ottomans. Today these domed baths still exist in Hotel Karavansray in the Cekirge district of Bursa.

The Yavlova hot springs are on the Marmara seacoast amidst wonderful green surroundings. It has a natural water outlet with water flowing at the rate of 15 lit/sec.

On the shores of the Agamemnon, you will find the Balcova hot springs, also known since historic times. The Izmir Cesme is also on the Agean seacoast. This has a number of natural hot springs. The word Cesme, which means fountain in Turkish, comes from these natural springs found in the area.

The Koycegiz Lake is a place of great scenic beauty and a popular destination since early times. This spa, famous for its natural springs and mud baths, is conveniently located near the Dalman airport and close to Marmaris and Fethiye. The lake forms a channel and the water flows into the Mediterranean through the Dalyan River. Other thermal spas nearby are the Riza Cavus Thermal Baths and the Velibey Thermal Baths. The treatment in these baths is different. The body is first covered with a layer of mud and then you get soaked in the hot mineral water.

Unlike other spas, the Koygeciz baths do not have provisions for staying overnight. You can stay at one of the hotels or pensions in Dalyan and reach the baths from Dalyan by small boats.

A unique Thermal spa in the whole of Central Anatolia is the Kangal Hot Springs. You must visit this spa for the sheer experience if not for the magical cure, it provides for the various diseases. Located in the province of Sivas, 13 kms from the town of Kangal, it is calld 'Kangal Hot Spring with Fish'. Apart from the usual calcium and magnesium salts, the water here also has numerous small fish about 2-10 cm. long, which are said to cure many skin diseases. The water here comes from five different springs and the fish come directly from the springs into the pool. It is said that the fish present in the water suck out the diseased area like a curette. In fact, many medical clinics throughout Turkey recommend trying out the thermal waters as a cure. The Sicak Cermik and the Soguk Cermik are the other well-known spas in the district.