Main Attractions in Tokat

Tokat Museum

Located in Tokat city and built in 1220 A.D, it was earlier the famous Gok Medrese theological school and is the most important Seljukian building. You can see in this structure all characteristic elements of fine Seljuk art and architecture. Under the Ottomans, it was transformed into a hospital and shelter for immigrants. It is now converted into a museum, housing archaeological finds from the area.

Latifoglu Mansion

This building is an out standing example of Turkish baroque architecture. It is a double storied structure made from wood carcass and adobe material. It is now a museum exhibiting fine woodcrafts.

Ottoman Citadel

This Ottoman citadel of 28 towers is the city's most important landmark. It is built on a rocky hill and overlooks the city.

Mast Tumulus

This ancient site is in Zile district of the province. It has remains from the Bronze, Hittite and Phrygian periods. Some of the more interesting remains are the palace of a Hittitite ruler, earthenware utensils and Hittite hieroglyphics.

Sulusaray (Sebastapolis)

This ancient city is 68 kilometers southwest of Tokat. The tumulus has remains of Old Bronze Age of BC 3000, Hittite age of BC 2000 and Frigian Age of BC 1000. Earthenware from these periods is exhibited in the Tokat Museum. The excavations have revealed the ruined ramparts of the city, a church ruin, a bath and a health center.

Niksar Water Springs

Niksar is also known for its famous spring water. They are reputed to be very pure and clear. Visitors are recommended not to return without sipping its delicious waters.