Caves in Tokat

Kunduz Cave

The cave is near Yesilyur in Kunduz Village. The entrance is shaped like a round archway. Since the cave was once used as a mint, its floor is covered with stones and soil. The cave is yet to be fully explored.

Indere (Ballica)

The cave is located in the Pazar District of Tokat. It is a beautiful seven layered cave with two layers above the entrance and five below it. There are small ponds, drippings, dry natural pools in every floor. Excessive mud and wet clay makes ascent and descent difficult. Remarkably, there are no breathing problems even when you go deep inside the cave.

The cave expands as you go east or west or up or down. 45 to 50 meters inside the cave is a wide saloon having plastered walls, showing it was once in use. The cave then expands north and northeast as a gallery of 25-30 meters. There are chambers on both sides of the gallery, which finally leads into a big saloon. Stalactites, stalagmites, pillars and water ponds are found inside this saloon. This section of the cave is accepted as the first layer and is 150 meters from the entrance.

The second layer, 10 meters below the first, is like a large saloon. There are stalactite, stalagmite and pillars present inside this saloon. At the end of the second layer, the cave descends to the third layer. The third and fourth layers have a breathtaking collection of pillars, stalactites and stalagmites. The shortest distance between the end of the fourth layer and the cave entrance is about 350 meters. There is a lake at the fifth layer.