Hotels and Food in Tokat

The food in Tokat province is quite rich and good as appetizers. You must have the Tokat Kebab at the city's Zehra Anna restaurant. It is a nice combination of lamb meat, tomato, garlic and aubergine. Etli Dolma (Stuffed vegetables with meat), Bakla Dolmasi (Stuffed Broad Beans), are the other food varieties. The wine of Tokat province has a distinct flavor. You must taste the Mahlep wine produced only in Tokat province.

The best places to buy various souvenirs in Tokat are Yazmacilar Bazaar, Bakirci (copper artizans) Bazaar, Zurnaci (Shrill pipe) Bazaar and Çarikçi (Rawhide sandal) Bazaar. The preffered souvenirs are the wooden pressed hand made kerchiefs.

Good standard hotels are the 4-star Hotel Tokat Oteli and Hotel Buyuk Tokat. Besides, there are less expensive but reasonably good 3 and 2-star hotels. Many of the 3-star hotels are almost as good as the 4-star hotels offering facilities such as mini bar phone and TV. The 2 star hotels are mainly bed and breakfast accommodations. But some 2 stars hotels also match the 3 star qualities.