History of Troy

Ilus, the son of Tros founded Troy in 3000 BC, and the name Troy was derived from him. The long history of Troy narrates the development of a wealthy trade city with sporadic tragic episodes, natural disasters, fires, massacres and wars ...only to be resurrected each time.

Troy was also known as Ilios or Ilion, a name which can be found in the Iliad, Homer's epic poem, where the poet immortalized the city through mythological characters like King Priam, Hector, Paris and the beautiful Helen. For centuries this story in the Iliad, was regarded as just a myth, until the ruins of the city were found in western Turkey at Hisarlik in the mid-19th century.

Presently an international team of scientists is endeavoring to rebuild the Troy of the Bronze Age. On the other hand another team is trying to retrieve the Trojan treasures, which are at the Pushkin Museum. A Turkish town called Truva lies in the vicinity of the archaeological site, but this town has mushroomed recently to service the tourist trade. The archaeological site is officially called Troy by the Turkish government.