Historical Hamams

Most of the Turkish baths came up in the 16th century when Mahmut I realized good profit could be made from them. Later in the century, it was felt that the Turkish baths were using up the country's water and wood resources and limits were put on their construction. Today there are about 20 Turkish Baths existing. Most popular is the Cemberlitas Hamami in Vezirhan Cad, the 18th century Cagaloglu Hamami, the Yerebatan Caddesi at Ankara Caddesi - that was apparently visited by Edward VIII, and Florence Nightingale.

The Haseki Sultan Hamami in Sultanahmet Parki is the one that you must visit. It was built in 1557 by Sinan. It had two symmetrical sections with identical domed halls. This bath was later abolished as it generated too much heat. Today it has become an exhibition center.