Modern Turkish Baths

When you are in Turkey, you must have the experience of a Turkish bath. When you visit a modern Turkish bath, you enter a dressing room with several cubicles. You will be given the key to a cubicle where you undress and wear a cotton wrap and a pair of slippers. You can carry your own soap, towel and shampoo or take it from the attendant at a price. Carrying your own is always advisable as this ensures quality. You will also be asked whether you would need just a bath or a bath and a massage. Be prepared to communicate in sign language if your attendant does not understand English.

Inside the Turkish bath, you will find two steam rooms, a spa, a cold plunge pool, three inter connecting hot rooms - the tepidarium, the caldarium, and the hottest room or the sudatorium. There is also a large rest room to relax in, and showers. Be careful to wear swimwear at all baths and remember that towels are usually not provided.

Visitors should also be warned that people with medical problems such as heart conditions, skin problems, diabetes, blood pressure problems or pregnancy should avoid Turkish Baths.