How To Make Turkish Tea

Most of the tea plantations began in Turkey and are near to the eastern Black Sea region. Tea plantations are found in Rize, Trabzon, Arkali, Karadere and Fatsa. The first tea factory was built in Rize in 1965.

Tea making in Turkey is an art that begins right from the production stage to the sipping of it in typical Turkish style. May to October is the ideal time for tea production. What is good about Turkish tea is that no chemical additives are used in this process of tea making. The tea is first withered to reduce the water content. The leaves are then rolled or ground in machines and the oxidation process begins. This causes fermentation and gives the tea its desired color, odor, aroma and acidity. The tea is then dried in the drying furnaces to bring it to a "ready to deliver" form, and finally it is sorted according to strength and quality by passing it through wire meshes. The tea must also be stored in airtight packaging so that its flavor is not spoilt by humidity or external odors.

However, the real art of making Turkish tea lies in the brewing of it. The Turks have their own way of making and drinking black tea that is quite different from that found elsewhere in the world.

The best way to make Turkish tea is to brew it in a samovar. The samovar is like a tea kettle which has a compartment to keep hot charcoals underneath. On top rests a small teapot. You have to pour water into the main body of the samovar and bring it to boil. Boiling water is poured into the tea in the teapot and the pot placed inside the samovar. The tea is brewed in the pot for 10-15 minutes over the simmering water of the samovar, which keeps it hot. You must definitely drink the tea within half an hour of brewing it or it will lose its flavor.
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