Main Attractions in Uludag

The colorful history of Uludag is the reason behind many of the city's architectural specimens. Moreover, its peaceful history ensured the undamaged condition of these buildings.
  • The Green Mausoleum is where the cenotaph of Sultan Mehmet I has been kept, surrounded by a beautiful garden. The mausoleum stands apart due to its blue tile panels.

  • The Ulu Mosque has a Seljuk style and is known for its intricately engraved speaker's platform made from walnut wood and the striking calligraphic panels that adorn the mosque. Its absolution fountain is strangely situated within the mosque below 20 domes.
  • The Ottoman House Museum was actually a 17th century residence of a rich Ottoman that has been refurbished as a museum.

The best reason to be in Uludag is the ski center in the Uludag National Park. The park is 36 km south of Bursa and is accessible both by road and by cable car specially when the road is icy. Not a place for extreme skiing, Uludag's gentle slopes are appropriate for amateurs and pros. You could make a trip for skiing between the months of December and March. Moreover, if being conventional bores you then you could also go for Heli-skiing.

The best time to make your visit would be February, for there are many festivals that are held in the ski resort during this time. Though a bit crowded, this time of the year, you can also opt for skiing at night, it promises to be a truly mind-blowing experience.
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