Uludag Hotels and Accommodation

There are a great many resorts, hotels and lodges due to the popularity of skiing in Uludag. Uludag has to handle a huge rush of tourists in February, and it manages with a total capacity of 3000 beds and there are plans to add more. The accommodation facilities in Uludag are designed to suit every pocket.

The Hotel Akfen Club has all kinds of rooms- single, double, triple and even suites. The hotel is also the first winter hotel in Turkey to be a member of RCI that offers an International changeable holiday system.

The Grand Yazici Hotel located in the Uludag National Park truly lives up to its name regarding service, food and entertainment. Besides, all the hotel's visitors get to use the famed "White Heaven" tracks free of cost.

The Fahri Hotel is like your home away from home with facilities ranging from a minibar, hair dryer, a safe to keep your valuables secure and much much more. There are 88 suite rooms in this hotel offering delightful services and a stay that remains etched in your memory forever.
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