Main Attractions in Van

There are many places of interest at Van and might give you the feeling of being transported in time. Do take a guide along and remember that there are places, which charge you an entrance fee.
  • The Rock of Van is a tapered protrusion 1500m in length, over 100m in height, and 300m broad at the bottom.

  • The Hosap Castle built by a Kurdish chieftain, in 1643 has been recently excavated and much of it remains under the ground.

  • The Sarduri is an Urartian palace built by King Sardur II between 764 and 735 BC. Its temple has cuneiform inscriptions, and the palace has many modern marvels like storage containers, royal bathroom and water cisterns. There is also a container of grains, which is 2000yrs. old.

  • Akdamar Island is famous for its 10th century church of the Holy Cross.
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