Being a Dervish

A Dervish is a religious minded person who has made the "quest for truth" his primary aim and is ready to sacrifice all other worldly desires and aims before this one central goal of life.

Dervishood is a total commitment and the price of it is one's whole life. This profession, if it can be called so, is still taught in certain "schools of higher learning". There are many skills, which can be self-taught but the skills of Dervishood have to be learned by being in close association with a "Shaikh" (or guide) and also by remaining within a spiritual family - a Sufi circle. Therefore in Dervishood, one needs to pledge oneself to a Shaikh and a lineage. This lineage reaches all the way to the Allah. Thus the Shaikh is a link through which a Dervish can reach Allah with all the commitment, pledge, obedience and reverence.