Relationship Between Shaikh and Dervishes

The relationship between a Shaikh and a Dervish is the most pious bond that exists in our material world. The Shaikh is a person who acts as a guide in a Derivish's quest for the almighty. For a Dervish, Allah is the goal and the Shaikh is a link. The question may arise that why a Dervish needs an intermediary to reach the God? Actually if the Shaikh is a real Shaikh and the Dervish's yearning for God is true, then there is no question of intermediary.

In reality, a Shaikh is the evidence and reflector of the God's generosity and grace. The Shaikh does not gather power for him but he is there to help a Dervish reach his destination of seeking truth. It is a process of mutual learning where from the Dervish and the Shaikh both gain knowledge and wisdom. When the relation between the Dervish and the Shaikh is true, the wisdom and light of the Shaikh is reflected on the Dervish and the Shaikh has to carry some of the burden of the later. For all these, the Shaikh needs to be a strong person and the entire process of truth seeking is completed only with the help of the lineage (including the pir) and the Allah.

Apart from his role as a teacher, a Shaikh sometimes can act as a functional manager or at times can behave as an authority of the spiritual and unseen world.
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