How to Get Started with Yachting

You can sail down the European channel system, through the Rhine and Danube Rivers into the Black Sea till you come to the Istanbul harbors.

If you are taking the land route, you have to take an international flight to Antalya, Dalaman, Izmir or Istanbul airport. From there, you can easily reach one of Turkey's marinas on the Aegean or Mediterranean shores. There you can hire a yacht through one of TTP's recommended travel agencies or book yourself for a chartered cruise.

There are two types of boats available for hire - the western type sailing yacht and the gulet. The gulet is the more preferred mode of traveling. These are broad beamed wooden vessels, which are now motorized. Therefore, you can sail when the wind is favorable and navigate it with motor power wherever you want. The gulet has broad spacious decks and plenty of cabin space under the deck. Gulets come in many sizes. The cabins can usually accommodate 3 to 12 persons. Many gulets have private toilets and showers but a communal shower is more common.

You can save the cost of the cruise if you get a few families together and hire an entire yacht. Otherwise, you can hire a cabin for yourself.
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